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Video Games, Violence, and Society (Part 6)

June 30th, 2008


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” http://www. engr. psu. edu/news/News/2001%20Press%20Releases/March/maranas. html

[2] Wagner, James Au. “Playing Games with Free Speech. ” Salon. http://dir. salon. com/story/tech/feature/2002/05/06/games_as_speech/index. html

[3] Ibid. From a gaming standpoint, this is hilarious. “Evil creek”?

[4] Jenkins, Henry. Reality Bytes: Eight Myths About Video Games Debunked. http://www. pbs. org/kcts/videogamerevolution/impact/myths. html

[5] Pulled from http://www. beastwithin. org/users/wwwwolf/hacks/avatar/. The site simulates the test as it appears in the actual game, and at the end produces the resulting character of your choices.

[6] Khawand, Christopher. “War is a Force that gives us l337 Sk1llz: Why video games are more than just a diversion. ”

[7] Ibid.

[8] Google “worst video games of all time” and browse for a little; you will see what I mean.

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